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We like to keep things simple around here.


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We manage everything behind the scenes. On the date you elected to switch, we will aim to connect you to our network.


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And that's all... it really is that simple!

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Welcome to the next generation of green energy in New Zealand!

Why choose Raw Energy for your home.

Half Price Nights

That's right, our residential plans offer an opportunity for you to save while you sleep with half price power, all night long.

100% Kiwi Owned

We are New Zealand's 100% kiwi-owned independent power retailer. Nothing better than kiwis supporting kiwis!

Hands-on Service

We pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships. We believe power can be done better.

Our Approach.

Renewable Cheap Power

Raw Energy, New Zealand’s leading independent green electricity retailer, join us to become part of a green movement that’s transforming the power industry in New Zealand. As an independent retailer, we offer affordable, renewable energy from our next-generation solar farms. Enjoy personal service, cost savings, and the highest standards of environmental care. Join us on an energy journey where power works for you, your home, and our planet. Be a part of the sustainable future today!

Blue sky day in Auckland City New Zealand.

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"Bitcoin mining, with its significant energy consumption, can play a crucial role in addressing the intermittency challenges of renewable energy sources. By absorbing excess electricity, Bitcoin mining provides a flexible solution to energy curtailment. Additionally, Bitcoin’s integration into the energy sector can revolutionize energy transactions, as demonstrated by the partnership between Raw Energy and Lightning Pay in New Zealand. This synergy between Bitcoin and renewable energy has the potential to create a more efficient and sustainable energy future."

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