About Us

Who we are.

We are Raw Energy, a dynamic and forward-thinking player in the power market, dedicated to transforming the electricity experience. We approach power with a dual focus.

  • Firstly, we aim to deliver power as a service rather than just a utility.
  • Secondly, we are committed to creating a renewable future.

We believe that the current large corporations often overlook an essential aspect of doing business - building strong relationships with their clients. At Raw Energy, we strive to change this by adding a personal touch and offering value to each of our clients. Our goal is to help flatten energy consumption peaks while reducing our client's monthly power bills.

Our Founders.

Xavier Murphy

Professionally, I have several years experience working with enterprise level business, implementing and maintaining tech solutions. I have a passion for tech, fitness, and the environment.

Forward Thinker

Isaac Munro

As a Mechanical Engineer, I've worked on national infrastructure projects where I saw an opportunity to create change in the power market while supporting kiwis.

Detail Orientated
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Our mission is to strengthen client relationships by delivering power as a service, not just a utility.

We recognise that large power companies often neglect the importance of client relationships. We are determined to change the status quo by adding a personal touch and delivering value to each of our clients.

- Personalised Service
- Flexibility
- Sustainability

We strive to make change by adding a personal touch and offering value to each of our clients.

Customer service is our number one focus.

Our close customer relationships enable us to provide detailed reports on your electricity usage patterns and offer insights on optimising your energy consumption. We are committed to giving back to communities through educational and well-being events, while providing an opportunity to chat about your experience with us.

Our Approach.

Half Price Nights

With our ‘Half-Price Power Nights’ offer, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills. You will also be contributing to lowering New Zealand's energy peaks. This plan is designed for residential customers who want to take control back into their hands and maximise their savings.

Personalised Service
Cost Saving

Our Solar Farms

Here at Raw Energy we are committed to providing quality, renewable energy for the generations to come. This is why we are currently in the feasibility stage for 2 solar farms totalling 150MW. We are always looking for additional generation opportunities and if you think your land would be good for wind, solar, hydro or geothermal, we would love to hear from you.

South Island Based
Solar Farm
Green Energy
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Our results in last year

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